From apprentice Carpenter to Head of Production – hear how Liam Taylor’s journey went full circle back to MJS.

Embarking on a career as an apprentice carpenter marked the beginning of a transformative journey for me in the construction industry. The initial years were filled with hands-on learning, skill development, and a strong foundation in carpentry techniques. As I progressed, opportunities for growth and advancement become apparent.

After ‘mastering’ the art of carpentry through the years, I found myself aspiring to take on leadership roles within the construction sector. This journey involved transitioning from a hands-on role to a managerial position at a major UK Housebuilder that I was contracting for at the time.

After I had made that transition, the next chapter revolved around the transition from being a skilled carpenter to becoming a site manager, senior site manager, project manager and so on. This shift not only required a swift learning of construction practices, but also Health and safety relating to construction projects, project management, and communication skills. As a site manager you are responsible for the entirety of the project from completion on time, within budget, and up to the highest standards, to Cultivating talent, hiring a great team and keeping safety processes maintained. This was all massively instrumental in forming who I was as a manager and allowing me to further my career.

After enjoying this career path for over 10 years and achieving some of the highest honours you can, from site manager of the year awards to Pride in the job awards, to routinely achieving the regions best KPI scores I decided it was time to challenge myself once again and shift the direction I was heading.

This took the form of returning to MJS Group, which is now a completely transformed business with new ownership to when I originally started my career and taking up the position of Head of production. This crucial position within the business involves not only managing the day to day operation of all aspects of the business, But also to now overseeing the very apprenticeship programme I was a part of. Over the years it has became a great joy of mine to impart some of the knowledge I have gained and passing this on to the next generation. Which I believe at present is an absolutely crucial part in the industries success, given the declining numbers of apprenticeships, to now seeing the first increase in uptake over the last 6 years. I feel as though I and MJS are doing are part in pushing this forward. So if you are a school leaver, or an employee in another business looking to re train then please do get in touch to see if we can shape a career for you.

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