Carpentry Business Booms!

A new month, a new site start for our Carpentry division. This month we see Gould Homes’ new site in Dawlish added to our order book. Since the recruitment of Liam as our Carpentry Manager we have seen an upward trend of new sites added month on month. Liam comments ‘It’s great to see, this is fantastic. The whole business is fully behind me in growing this part of the company and I am really proud of the work from the carpenters on site, particularly their positive reaction to our in-house site audits but also the part the office team play in the surveying and material ordering.’

Gould Homes are building 18 new homes in Dawlish. We are really looking forward to working with a new client in an area we have built hundreds of houses in the past and adding our carpentry touch to them.

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